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Are rain checks worth it?

Here is my first post.  I’ll try to put a good mix of practical and fun here for your enjoyment!

Are rain checks worth it? I recently had a friend ask me this question, so I wanted to give my opinion. Before I started my “super couponing” I would rarely get a raincheck for an item. Maybe for big items (think vacuum cleaner or other expensive household helper), but never for a grocery item. Now that I have started using coupons, I have gotten rainchecks several times, and they have paid off. It only takes me a few minutes to pick up a raincheck for out of stock items, and it allows me to pick up my free/almost free item at my leisure. No rushing back to the store multiple times to see if the item is back in stock before the sale price expires.  It also gives customer service an opportunity to grab the item I need from the back. On three different occasions, they have been able to run to the back to get what I needed. So, long story short, I would definitely recommend rain checks!

While we are discussing rain checks, I also wanted to address a rule of basic shopping etiquette, which if everyone followed, would cut down on the need for rain checks. The goal of super couponing is to stock up for six to eight weeks until a particular item is again on sale. We are not preparing for the next famine, just trying to save some extra money. So, please, don’t go overboard in your stocking up. Okay, so you have coupons to get twelve boxes of cake mix for 27 cents each, but do you NEED twelve boxes of cake mix? Don’t let the deal make you greedy. Buy what you need, and leave some on the shelf for other shoppers.


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