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An Ode to Red Box

As you all know, I am a savings fiend!  If there is a way to get something I want at a cheaper price, I am all about it.  Chris and I have a netflix subscription, but occasionally, there is a movie we want to pick up.  Well, I just cannot bring myself to pay the “blockbuster” price for a movie, so we will normally do redbox on those occasions.

Even if you have never used Red Box, you have probably seen them at your local walmart in the entrance foyer, or placed outside your local Walgreens.  Rentals only cost $1 for a one night rental.  Perfect for our fly out and rent it needs.  I have mentioned red box to others in the past, and their complaint was that what they wanted was never there when they went to the machine.  I have a solution for that.  Just reserve it online.  That’s right! You can go to Redbox’s website, pick a location, and reserve the movie that you wish to see.  Then go pick it up at your leisure.  Their website address is:   http://www.redbox.com

The next time you get a last minute hankering for a chick flick or thriller, hop online to reserve your copy.  Then drive right past those overpriced rental stores to your local Redbox location.  You’ll be happy you did.  🙂


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