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I’m getting on my coupon “soap box”, so get ready.

I am seeing a new trend in the “coupon” world that I wanted to share with you.  I have had several friends tell me in the past, “I don’t bother with coupons because I only buy organic” or “We have to buy special diet items, and they don’t make coupons for those things”.  I don’t limit my list to organic because the cost is normally too high for me, but I do see the potential health benefit.  This means that if an “organic” or “healthy” item is on sale/has coupons, and the price falls into my range, I will buy it.

In the past, what my friends stated about no coupons or never on sale would have been true, but as more companies branch into the “health/organic” food market, the competition is causing sales and coupons to appear much more often.

This week would be a perfect example of that.  I purchased a couple of items that would fall into the category we are discussing today for a super sweet deal.  Cascadian Farm Organic granola bars were on sale $1.99/box.  There were manufacturer’s coupons for $1 off/box, plus a store coupon for $2 off/three boxes.  My three boxes were purchased for $0.33/box!  All Kashi cereal was on sale for $2.50/box.  I had a coupon for a free box, a coupon for $1.50 off/box, a coupon for $1 off a box, and a store coupon for $1.50/three boxes.  That brought my price down to $0.33/box!

There is another deal that I did not purchase because it is an item we don’t use, but I’m saving the coupons for a friend who does.  Silk Soy Milk is on sale for $2.50/half gallon.  With my coupons for B1G1, $1 off/half gallon, and store coupons for $0.55 off, it brings the price down to $0.20/half gallon!  I can’t even buy regular milk for that price.

These are amazing deals, and just a few examples of the organic/healthy food items that are on sale every week.  Some of you might say, “Well that is still only a few items on my list.  It is not worth the trouble to search for deals every week”.  My counter to that argument would be YOU DON”T HAVE TO SEARCH!  There are websites whose creators do all the searching for you.  My favorite would be southernsavers.com.  Jenny does all the research, listing coupons with items on her list, and even posting the links for printable coupons there, so you don’t have to find the website.  It takes little work for the immense  return in savings that you receive.

I know you’ve done the searches in the past, and maybe it wasn’t a fruitful use of your time.  I think you should try again.  The world is ever changing, and in this case (if you buy organic/health foods), it is changing for the better. 🙂

Thanks for reading my rant, and I wish you happy savings.


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